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Bulk Videos & Youtube Channels it’s an app that will allow you and your members to import Youtube Channels and videos into your network. With this app, you can have a list of channels with their own pages and videos listed in your community. By adding the URL of the YT channel you import all the information of the channel and the latest videos. You can also set up a cron to run daily to import the latest videos from all channels added to your site, so every day you have new videos without the need to add them manually.


  • Import channels from Youtube and add them to a channels page where all channels will be listed with different sorts of filters.
  • Import the latest videos from those channels without the need to add them manually.
  • A profile page that will list all channels added by each member.
  • The creation of new categories on your video section base on the categories of the videos you import from youtube. These categories will be created automatically and the videos added to them. (on/off setting)
  • Videos will show with a banner on top with the channels information. (on/off setting)
  • A cron that can be configured in a specific time range to check all channels for new videos and add them to your website. (on/off setting)
  • Set the usergroups that can add new channels and monetize them allowing only payed groups to add channels.
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