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Translator Quick Translate-v4.6.1

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Quick Translator’s Speciality

It take too much time to change phrases or translating into multiple language in a phpFox site so that it is more friendly and right to your site’s context or translate a phpFox site to a new language. => This tool saves you 80% time to do that.

How can Quick Translator save time?

Visually, that’s all. How to do you translate a document? You go from the top to bottom of the document and translate one by one How do you translate a web page? You take a look from the top to toe of the page and want to translate one bye one. Now, you can translate the web page in this natural process with the Quick translator tool. When tool is turn on and open a page, all phrases being used in this page are list out with following information:

  • phrases
  • words in each phrase
  • status of translating in each language
  • You can filter the phrase by keyword or status to narrow down the phrase you want to change or missing/incompleted phrases. All are listed when the page is loaded completely.
  • Then, please on each phrase/word to open a popup to translate it.

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