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YN-Fund Raising-v4.02p5

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This is a module which will give your site members a hand in financial aspect. If your members are nursing big ideas but have to give up because of shortage of expense, with Fund Raising being installed, your site will be their savior.

By creating campaign via Fund Raising, your members can give out detailed information about the ideas they have or the projects they are working on as well as the expenses they are in need then appeal other people to raise fund.

Being a module which has similar traits to Donation in purpose, Fund Raising has significant innovations in feature and interface. With Fund Raising, donors now will know exactly the reason of donating, whom they donate to, etc. Especially, campaigns are now not only known site wide but also extended to other website. Each campaign now has a source code to form an advertising block to embed to other external websites. This will bring your members’ campaigns to more people. The more people know, the more money they can raise, the more popular your site will be.

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