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You are browsing feed and see a friend’s photo which you want to have a quick view in a bigger size. You will then be redirected to the Photo Detail page. And what if you wish to continue browsing feed then, you have to go back to original position, and repeat. It is really inconvenient for the most-used activity.

With our Photo Viewer Popup app, you can view and edit photos in the much more pleasant way. Just click on the photo, a photo popup will show up with all the essential tools which go along with the photo. You can view the photo and have all the actions on the photo in one place, yet you don’t need to load the whole page just for that. Quick and easy.

Furthermore, when users browse the feed, engaging image popups coupled with useful information. In this way, the photo popup distracts the visitor from intense reading and give them a moment of refreshing.

The popup comes with fantastic tools such as tagging, updating photo details, rotating… Users will have the best experience while working on the popup instead of on the newly loaded page.


  • This app only supports on Desktop only, does NOT support on mobile
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