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In the business plan of almost websites, advertising is mostly a mandatory part of revenue stream or monetization strategy when the userbase reaches a particular threshold. From this point of view, Social Ads comes out as a complete and headache-free solution for you to execute this important strategy of your business.

The plugin functions similarly to popular social ads platform nowadays, such as Facebook Ads where all business logic, workflow, terminology are simulated well. On top of that, the flexibility and efficiency of ad are also improved by taking advantage of built-in features of PhpFox. Social Ads offers full-cycle workflow for ad business for both marketer/advertiser, and site owner to operate the advertisement most efficiently. All major usecases are well-implemented in the plugin such as for front end user (marketer/advertiser): ads and campaign management, payment transaction/credit management, view ads statistic. In addition, the site admin is well-equiped with administrative tools for ads placeholder management, ads package management, pay-later request/transaction management, mini CMS for FAQ, flexible global and user group settings.

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06/12/2018 2:41 PM

Bro, the usergroup settings file is missing, can you please look into this

06/12/2018 5:38 PM
Reply to  DarkGoth

Am getting page not found for that particular menu, all other menus work except UserGroup Setting

06/01/2019 9:04 PM

Just wondering if you will be adding the newer 4.02p2 version of this. Thank you!

08/01/2019 10:48 AM
Reply to  DarkGoth

Thank you so much..

04/10/2019 9:09 AM