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YN-CleanTemplate – v4.02p2

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Responsive Clean Template is expected to bring a new breath into your social networking site. No matter what your community is about, Responsive Clean Template is suitable for all kind of business models. Fine-tuned features which will bring you a theme with the simple yet elegant look that has  the most unique design on each and every detail. Mostly standing out is the blocks with their edges stylized by fancy curves. On main menu, you will feel the delicacy and brightness on each item as we has brought them new design, no more stiff and boring looking items will bring you new fresh and delightful feelings.

Especially, the template is design to be user-friendly and flexible with many blocks to enable you to create yourself a page exactly as you expected without having to worry about other features. Like its name – Responsive Clean, this template is suitable for all screen sizes that come from many types of devices, it will be the ultimate choice for your web to reach out to every users.

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24/09/2019 1:47 AM

It can not upload image when adding slide